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Glass Conveyor and Glass Handling Solutions

Innovative Conveyor Concepts Inc. offers a complete line of glass handling equipment. ICC glass handling equipment includes: auto breakout glass cullet conveyor systems, manual breakout glass cullet systems, flat glass line shaft conveyor systems, flat glass urethane band conveyor systems, overhead glass frame delivery conveyor systems, glass distortation measurement, glass accumulation, glass washers, glass handling robots, etc.


 Glass Conveyors

ICC Glass Handling Systems
ICC has a lot of experience in glass cullet handling. ICC has integrated large solar glass projects for some of the nations largest
solar glass manufactures.

ICC glass handling systems are pre-engineered and custom engineered

systems designed to reduce labor cost, increase production, improve ergonomics, eliminate waste, etc.

Featured Glass Equipment

Solar Glass Conveyor Systems and Equipment

ICC solar glass systems include solar glass transportation with low vibration and soft starts and stops, solar glass accumulation in horizonal conveyor lines or vertical accumulation towers, solar glass distortation measurement, solar glass inspection stations, solar glass robotics, solar glass palletizing, solar glass stretch and shrink wrapping, solar glass packaging and film, etc.

ICC can provide a wide variety of solar glass and flat glass products. See the solar glass tab for more information on ICC solar systems.


Glass Packaging -Solar, Flat

ICC glass packaging products include custom designed solar glass wood or corrgated packaging crates. ICC can also provide plastic, steel, plywood, foam, green, locking, shipping, returnable, collapsible, export, etc.

ICC can supply and integrate all types of packaging solution including stretch wrappers, shrink wrappers, baggers, banding, bundling, sealers, tapers, film, and packaging materials.
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Glass Machine AwardMost Innovative Machine:
Innovative Conveyor Concept
Glass Cullet Handling System


Innovative Conveyor Concepts was awarded the 2008 Crystal Achievement Award for the most innovative glass machine.

ICC is the leading supplier for cullet glass systems, glass conveyor, and solar glass systems.
window and door award


In-House Robotic
Testing Cell


Innovative Conveyor Concepts Inc. has an
in-house customer test station for testing products and processes.

In-house programming and simulation
ICC has trained robot programmers capable of basic programming, advanced programming, maintenance, concurrent I/O, robotic assembly language planning hierarchy (RALPH), task and mid-level commands, sensor programming, structured programming language , simple motion language , and point to point language.

In-house testing
ICC can test all phase of robotic implementation including: end effectors, tooling, programming, integration, rates, cycles, accuracy, reliability, cell and end effector development, etc.
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